Antler Edge- Deer Attractant

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Antler Edge® is a powerful 21% protein, nutrient-rich deer attractant with a strong sweet aroma that's not only proven to attract and hold more deer on your property but will also give them a boost in overall health and antler growth! Its highly palatable formulation paired with a savory-sweet aroma will pull more deer to your property than ever before and help you be more successful in the field..GIVING YOU THE EDGE!

A Powerful Deer Attractant That Gives You The Edge

Finally, a deer attractant that pulls whitetail deer in like a big buck magnet! Food plots are highly effective as a deer lure and a great food source. But deer hunters don't always have the time or ability to put one in. Sometimes a food plot just isn't appropriate for your particular hunting area.

That's okay, we have a no-tilling solution that will give you great results. Antler Edge® deer feed is a powerful whitetail deer attractant you can use to bring bucks in from long ranges and hold them where you need them.

Antler Edge® attracts mature bucks. Yes, even those super-leery ones that you rarely see during legal shooting hours! But it also nourishes them with its high protein formula (21%), essential bone-building vitamins, and trace minerals.

Our whitetail deer attractant will increase deer activity at your tree stand or ground blind, while also boosting body size and antler growth.

The Secret Behind Antler Edge® Deer Attractant

Edge X is a revolutionary appetite stimulant our team developed specifically for whitetail deer. The Edge X "secret sauce" contains a blend of essential oils, probiotics, plant extracts, palatability enhancers, and flavors that deer crave.

Edge X combines with the sweet and savory scent of fire-roasted soybeans, corn, and other high-quality ingredients to create an irresistible cocktail for whitetail deer. They won't know what hit 'em! Simply pour it onto the ground at your favorite site and watch this protein-packed powerhouse go to work.

Antler Edge® benefits:

  • High protein content for increased body mass and antler growth
  • Aromatic sweet scent lures wary and nocturnal mature bucks from long distances, putting them where you need them
  • No maintenance and no mess that liquid attractants sometimes cause
  • Top quality ingredients ensure a consistent and reliable deer attractant
  • Holds up in rain and poor weather
  • Antler Edge® is family-owned and made in the U.S.A.

Is Antler Edge® premium whitetail deer feed one of the best deer attractants for deer hunters? We certainly think so.

We think our fellow hunters will agree. Get prepped for this hunting season - pour it out next to your trail cameras and watch the big buck magic happen!



  • 21% Protein! 
  • Sweet Aroma
  • With EDGE X
  • Extremely palatable
  • Habit-forming
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Enhanced flavor
  • Quality & consistency
  • Includes roasted soybeans
  • Weather-resistant
  • Added vitamins and minerals
  • Enhances Antler Growth
  • Increases Body Mass
  • Attracts deer from long range
  • Attraction and nutrition!
  • Hold more deer on your property! 



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