Pro Staff Program

Pro Staff members are eligible to purchase Antler Edge products / gear through our website by receiving a PROMO CODE and offering a discount price. In addition, you or your team will receive full credit wherever your media is used to bounce back supporters to your site or page. Redirection will include Social Media, Antler Edge website posts and more.

Those who work hard to keep in contact and work with our Antler Edge team in a creative way for the first year will be rewarded as we move towards growing a more defined relationship in year two and beyond.

This is a ONE YEAR agreement and only contributing hunters to the listed requirements will be renewed for year two, in which they will receive more opportunities and benefits.

We hold our pro staff to a high standard too not only produce high quality content, but to represent and support themselves in a professional manor. This role is a privilege and is contingent on constantly following all guidelines. Antler Edge reserves the right to discontinue this offer at any time without notice. Not a paid position –Independent contractor who performs service ‘at will’.