Give Me the Edge

Do you like big deer? So do we! We can help you with that.

Antler Edge® isn’t just a whitetail deer attractant. It's a nutrient-rich, protein-packed powerhouse designed to grow big-bodied bucks with mammoth antlers. 

But that’s not all.

Our goal? Provide you, the dedicated whitetail hunter, with robust products that will help you kill big deer on YOUR terms. Our sweet and savory blends put deer where you need them and keeps them coming back. No food plot required.

Each Antler Edge® product is made with the same unbridled spirit that deer hunters put into their hunts. Like you, we embody that passion because we are multiple generations of those hunters. 

Is your goal a stout, 150 pounds of Grade-A venison in the freezer? Maybe you’re targeting a 200-inch masher sporting kickers and stickers in every which direction. Whatever "trophy" means to you; we want you to succeed. 

That means committing to the hard work twenty-four-seven, 365 days a year to make the most killer attractants and mineral concentrates for whitetail hunters.

Family-Owned and Operated 

Founder and owner David Mass was introduced to the outdoors at a young age by his dad. Five years later, at 10-years-old, he shot his first deer. That was all it took to start a lifetime of whitetail obsession.

Nutrition, feeding habits, antlers - everything about whitetail deer continues to inspire David and the Antler Edge® team. We know you can relate! 

Not completely satisfied with what was on the market, in 2014, David set out on a journey to develop a supercharged “throw and go” deer attractant. To do that, he knew it would have to achieve four things:

  • Create extreme attraction to pull deer in from longer distances

  • Provide exceptional nutrition to aid in body and antler growth

  • Keep deer at locations where folks can hunt them

  • Hold up to weather 

Hailing from Boone and Crockett country in southeast Oklahoma, we know whitetail. But also realizing the need for science-based development, we teamed with devoted deer experts and a ruminant nutritionist to help drive the research.

Seven years later, we feel like we’ve achieved a superior family of products that hunters can proudly stand by.

Designed to Give You the Edge

High nutrition. Quality ingredients. Intense appetite stimulation. 

Antler Edge® is formulated for optimal results to give YOU the edge over that cunning mature buck. No fillers. No cattle salt packaged in a “deer feed” bag. No least-cost rations. That is our guarantee.

Always in a state of continuous improvement, we have run thousands of tests to measure the effectiveness of our products. With continued testing, surveys, and trail camera monitoring all year-long, we never rest. 

Whitetail is All We Do 

If you want to pull deer to your treestand, hold them where you can hunt them, and provide the best available nutrition, Antler Edge® is ready to help.

Are you ready to grow your herd? GIVE ME THE EDGE! 

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