How Do You Attract Whitetail Deer

How Do You Attract Whitetail Deer

Whitetail deer are easily the most sought-after and popular big game animal in the country, and perhaps the world. Because of this, many hunters are always looking for new ways and opportunities to increase their odds of attracting the deer to them. No matter your reason for hunting whitetail, whether it be to put meat on the table, the pursuit of a trophy, or simply to enjoy the outdoors more often, one thing remains the same: you need deer in your area that you can hunt. 


So how do you go about attracting whitetail deer? After all, deer are very intelligent animals and extremely skittish. One wrong move and they will be running to the next county. While there are many different tactics and strategies for enticing more deer to come where you need them to, few are as effective as using food and other attractants. 


Food Plots for Whitetail

Food plots are easily one of the most popular and effective methods for attracting whitetail deer to a certain area. After all, deer need to eat and will travel long distances to find the best food sources. Natural food plots like acorn mass or agriculture crops are great choices for hunting over, although food plots that are planted specifically for whitetail hunting are becoming more and more popular. Everything from a giant plot of corn, soybeans, or turnips down to a very small area of self-planted clover, alfalfa, or peas can do the trick and attract deer to your area. 


Food plots work well at attracting deer because you are catering to their stomach. Whitetail deer are constantly looking for high-quality feed that they need to survive. Supplying this food gives them a major reason to move into your area and stay there for as long as possible. But, food plots do not come without some drawbacks and challenges. 


First, food plots can be extremely time-consuming. Even smaller plots will require plenty of time and dedication in order to grow. If you are the type of hunter who doesn’t have the time required to also be a part-time farmer, a food plot may not be the greatest option for you. In addition to taking all of your extra time, they can also be quite expensive. Again even smaller plots will cost a pretty penny in addition to taking all of your free time to cultivate and grow. But these setbacks don’t have to keep you from attracting deer to your area with food, however. You can still appeal to their stomachs with other things like feed and attractants! 


Deer Feed and Attractants

Instead of placing all of your time and money into a food plot, you can simply place out some deer feed that will act as an attractant. This is a much more simple and more cost-effective way of using food to attract the deer without the time or money commitment of an entire plot. In fact, many feeds and attractants can even work better at attracting deer due to them utilizing various vitamins, minerals, and scents in the feed that deer cannot resist. 


Deer feed and attractants can range anywhere from something as simple as putting corn out on the ground to specialty blends of feed that feature all of the aforementioned supplements that can also help boost antler growth. After all, who wouldn't want an antler booster in addition to bringing in more deer? Specialized deer feed is the best option for attracting deer to your area, especially one that has all of these supplements and more. They are also much easier to manage and will not cost you an arm and a leg to put out for the deer as a food plot might. 


Combined with a texture and taste that deer cannot resist, whitetail deer will often travel for miles in search of good deer feed when you put it out for them. This is why buck attractants are the obvious winner when it comes to comparing them to food plots. Not only will they attract more mature deer, but they won’t hurt your wallet while doing it! 


Get the Edge

So we know that deer feeds and attractants are a much better option than planting an entire food plot, but where do you get this stuff to get started? And what feed should you be buying? Here at Antler Edge, we have you covered! Our popular Golden Blend Deer Feed Attractant is exactly what you are looking for. Not only does it have a strong aroma to attract deer from miles around, but it is designed to provide plenty of vitamins, minerals, and supplements to the deer. This not only promotes overall health in the deer herds but boosts antler growth as well! 


The Golden Blend is packed full of nutrients and contains a high protein formula of 21%. This deer feed attractant does not require any kind of maintenance or upkeep as a food plot would, and it has no mess or complicated procedures that other liquid attractants sometimes come with. Simply pour it out in the area that you want to attract deer, and our feed will do the rest! Even in poor weather, this attractant will draw big bucks to it and hold their interest to give you the shot you need. 


If you have ever thought about using a whitetail deer attractant, then the Golden Blend by Antler Edge is your golden ticket. Don’t waste your time and money with food plots or other attractants, give yourself the edge you need to place your tag on that next trophy buck!